Dreams become experiments, experiments become reality.

A selection of CGI, Art, Video & Sound projects, case studies, experiments and expressions developed using numerous types of digital media.

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CGI/3D is an incredible tool.
It allows for flexible precision before an ultimate decision.
Creating a space, designing a piece of furniture, modeling a strange object and extracting a feeling from a simple rendering or animation - there's something exciting about creating from nothing.Portfolio PDF:


Casa Fidalgo, Tinalhas, Portugal

Tinalhas, located in Portugal's interior region, is a picturesque and rustic village mostly surrounded by crops, fields and granite.
Amidst this rough and warm nature there lies Fidalgo's farmstead.
His purpose was to build, or better yet, rebuild an existing shed into a rustic yet modern, contemporary home.

Given its privileged field location, Casa Fidalgo prioritizes a ventilated and open living space, large rooms that invite different layouts and an almost seamless division between its interior and outer areas, which surround and allow exterior access to the entire building.
Size: 260m 2
Year: 2021


UFO series

The Moon.
As we are all aware, this glowing and floating pebble located approximately 384 000 km away from us has been part of humanity's history for all of our existence.
A god for some, a wonder for many - it sure did catch my attention!
This series of renderings and animations are all about space, asteroids, UFO's and for some reason there's also a chair that keeps popping up in the middle.

This small collection was all about representing the moon and the vastness of space.
I used resources gently shared by NASA, such as their moon normal and diffuse maps, and the rest was kitbashed together from existing and made-up assets and resources!
#modeling #texturing #rendering #moon
Year: 2021- 2022


Granitos ExpoRoom,

The client approached me with the photographs below and told me:
"I work with minerals, granite, laminates, everything you can imagine regarding stonework, and I want my shop to represent every part of it."
This is how the space looked before:

After seeing the photos I understood their main issue was the layout and how things were displayed.
Next there was the matter of decoration and choosing a color palete.
We setteled for a minimal and light ambient, strongly focused on the texture of both materials and sculputres.
The idea was still to sell these pieces, so there was the need to have it projected similarly to an art gallery, but with the functionality of an office.
#modeling #texturing #rendering #office #expo-room
Year: 2022

Looks much better now!



Art & illustrations made for friends, bands, companies and videogames.
Whatever comes to mind - ideas and techniques come and go, some stick longer than others.
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Video, music, games, tutorials, prototypes and so on.
I've been close to several genres of media for a long time.
Knowing a bit about each thematic will give you an advantage when designing systems, as well facilitate cooperation when you are working together with people from different professional backgrounds...and sometimes it's just about having fun.


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I'm also working close to the GBstudio community as a moderator and additionally translating and curating the english-portuguese language localisation for the GBstudio build.More about GBstudio at: